Provident Botanico Price

Unit Type Size Price
2 BHK 986 Sq Ft 89 Lakhs* Onwards
2 BHK 1059 Sq Ft 96.9 Cr* Onwards
3 BHK 1334 Sq Ft 1.20 Cr* Onwards
3 BHK 1480 Sq Ft 1.30 Cr* Onwards

The starting price for flats at Provident Botanico is Rs 89 lakhs. The 2 BHK (Comfort) flats range from Rs. 89 to Rs. 98 lakhs. The 2 BHK (Grand) flats range from Rs. 96 lakhs to Rs. 1.02 crore. The 3 BHK (comfort) apartments range from Rs. 1.20 to Rs. 1.25 crore. The spacious 3 BHK (Grand) apartments are priced between Rs. 1.30 and Rs. 1.36 crore.

The price of the project is now reasonable as it is in the pre-launch stage, and as the area is developing fast, the prices will increase. It is a good time to invest in this project before the price increase as it is near big IT hubs. The project is nestled in Whitefield, a major IT hub; people working in the IT hubs can invest here near their workplaces.

Provident Botanico’s price list is prepared to make buying units in the project easy. It has detailed information about the different units available in the project, along with their prices. By seeing the price details, buyers can decide which unit they can buy and which will suit their budget. A detailed price list, cost sheet, and payment plan are available upon request for each apartment. The price list is regularly updated with the latest information so that buyers can look at it anytime. Then, they can choose the units according to their wishes based on their budget.

The project will have the best deal during the pre-launch phase. In that phase, all the units are available at the best competitive rate with many discounts. After the launch phase, the prices will increase, and it is a good time to invest in the pre-launch phase. The project is in a central location, and the price will increase in the coming years.

Price of apartments in Provident Botanico

Price of apartments in Provident Botanico

The tentative starting price of apartments in Provident Botanico is 84 lakhs. The approximate price for 3 BHK apartments will go up to 1.4 crores. After the launch date, the price details will be revealed, and the booking will start; buyers can book their dream house in this fantastic community. The price also varies depending on the community’s layout, size, and location. The prices are also determined based on the price trends in the area.

It’s a pre-launch project by Provident Housing in the rapidly developing Whitefield, making it a great opportunity for investors and homebuyers. Its strategic location adds to its attractiveness, making it a promising choice for those looking for modern living in a growing neighbourhood. The developer will provide easy instalment schemes for payment. Buyers can choose a convenient method of owning a property in this astonishing apartment project. The builder always provides an easy and smooth payment option, and only everyone can make the dream of owning a property come true.

Price of apartments in Whitefield

Price of apartments in Whitefield

Whitefield is an affluent neighbourhood in Bangalore, India, that has grown tremendously recently. The location is home to big brands and MNCs, along with some of the best in the city’s social and infrastructural benefits. It has become the best residential locality, too. So, purchasing apartments in Whitefield is now the best investment option for Bangalore residents. While looking for a good locality to buy an apartment or villa in the prime hotspot Bangalore, Whitefield has become the top choice. Since the area is less crowded than any other part of the city, it is ideal for residents.

The average cost of properties in the area is Rs. 12,443 per square foot, with the most expensive listed property being priced at Rs. 25,013 per square foot. Multi-storey apartments are available for sale in Whitefield at an average price of Rs. 1.89 Crore and a median price of Rs. 1.29 Crore.

The property market is growing and booming rapidly in the Whitefield region because expatriates are constantly reaching out to get the remarkable high-profile jobs offered by the prestigious and renowned multinational companies established here.

Price of apartments in Bengaluru

Price of apartments in Bengaluru

Bangalore has seen significant infrastructure development, including new metro lines, enhanced connectivity, and growing transit networks. Bangalore is also mentioned as the Silicon Valley of India since it is an IT powerhouse for the country’s software industry. Certain areas become more desirable for real estate investment due to these improvements, which may raise the price of real estate there.

Bangalore’s expanding population and increased migration have led to a large demand for residential homes for residents to live in. As the population increases, more housing units are needed, which could increase prices. Owing to the high demand, numerous residential projects have been constructed in the city to provide nicer homes in desirable areas for work at reasonable prices.

Apartments in Bangalore come in a variety of shapes and sizes, comprising 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK. The size of the flats and the amenities the project offers usually affect the price. For a good 1 BHK, prices in the affordable sector begin at 50 Lakhs and go up to 3 Cr for a 3 BHK. A two-bedroom property in the luxury market costs 2.5 crore, while a four-bedroom unit costs 5.7 crore.

Payment Plan - The Upright Decision by Provident Housing

Payment Plan - The Upright Decision by Provident Housing

Any residential project’s payment plan provides comprehensive information on the cost of the apartment, including the price depending on the kind of apartment, space, floor, GST, initial booking amount, agreement cost, and the amount to be paid each month in instalments. It provides a simple explanation of the payment procedure.

Customers can easily pay in instalments with the Provident Botanico Payment Plan, which offers convenient and risk-free payment options. 10% of the total amount will be deducted from the investors at the time of booking. Quarters will be allocated to the outstanding balance upon receipt of payment. The base price does not include additional fees such as registration charges and stamp duty. These fees must be paid both throughout the registration period and during the tenure of possession. All fees and expenses will include taxes.

RERA offers a complete structure. It consists of the following steps:

  • 10% of the property’s cost at the event of booking.
  • 10% will be charged as the construction begins.
  • 15% of the value will be paid once the plinth level is completed.
  • Buyers will be charged a minimal amount of 2% to 5% as every step of construction is completed.
  • The remaining amount will be collected during the registration or upon home possession.

Bangalore real estate price trends

Bangalore real estate price trends

Bengaluru’s real estate market is experiencing high growth, driven by the IT sector, start-up culture, remote work, and infrastructure development. High-end and spacious homes are being built to cater to the demand of discerning homebuyers who are looking for quality homes. Infrastructure improvements like new roads and metro lines are expected to improve connectivity and boost property values.

The city’s growth following the IT boom and the subsequent infrastructure development that followed suit impacted the real estate sector big time. The impact is positive since many new markets emerged, and the city saw large-scale residential and commercial project developments.

Bengaluru Metro accelerated the developments as connectivity between major IT corridors and residential areas improved. This helped the developers regain their confidence and created a positive buyer sentiment on the back of healthy demand and prospects for price appreciation.

Major factors that triggered the real estate growth of Bangalore real estate are

  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • Higher and fine standards of lifestyle
  • Greater employment opportunities
  • Proper connectivity and accessibility

The market is expected to continue growing in 2024, with Bengaluru continuing to attract large MNCs and domestic firms looking to expand their presence. Additionally, the growth of the start-up industry, with many companies entering the Unicorn league, has led to further growth in residential real estate. The city is also home to organisations like IBM, Microsoft, and Google, who have established large offices in Bengaluru and continue to hire new talent, thereby leading to higher demand for quality homes and making it one of the most lucrative markets to invest in.

Current Price in Whitefield and price trends

Current Price in Whitefield and price trends

Investing in a well-developed locality will always be a lifetime asset where the market value will increase over time. Whitefield is one such location with good investment potential. The area is Silicon Valley’s contradiction. It is a chaotic mix of IT companies, industries, retailers, and residential properties.

It is one of the biggest IT and tech hubs in Bangalore. However, the area has witnessed a steady transformation from a quaint and charming area with natural greenery to one of Bangalore’s most coveted realty hubs. The area was rushing now without time to stop, and I think it was once a village; when the IT boom transformed the city, Whitefield was one place to emerge with a golden feather.

Another factor that prompts buyers to buy property in Whitefield is connectivity. The area has getaways to almost all areas of the city. Two main roads connect to Bangalore, the Whitefield Road and the Varthur Road. It is also well connected via HAL Old Airport Road, NICE ORR, and others. The locality is connected via bus routes and metro rail to all the main attractions within the city. This excellent connection makes Whitefield the favourite place for homebuyers looking for apartments to buy in Bangalore. Good infrastructural services are vital for a residential area, and Whitefield wins it in all ways.

The average property rates on Whitefield range from 10,500 to 25,000 per sq. ft., with an approximate annual appreciation of 11%. With the ongoing need in the realty field, the area promises to increase investments in the upcoming years. There are huge possibilities for a smart investor to avail multiple returns by choosing the projects in the long run.

Cost Sheet - The Ultimate document for customer decision

Cost Sheet The Ultimate document for customer decision

The cost sheet provides detailed descriptions and a breakdown of the expenses of several housing alternatives to suit your tastes and financial objectives. Everybody fantasises about owning their ideal house—a location representing comfort and success. Prospective homeowners are looking for first-rate living areas with modern conveniences to promote a balanced lifestyle in today’s evolving urban scene.

The cost sheet of Provident Botanico is a useful tool that helps buyers understand the pricing for different apartment options tailored to their budgets and preferences. Customers’ convenience has been a top priority in creating the Provident Botanico Payment Plan. It offers a flexible payment plan, guaranteeing that the investment aligns with the customer’s financial capacity. Transparent pricing clarifies the transaction by ensuring no surprises or hidden fees.

The cost sheet covers aspects like

  • built-up area
  • carpet area
  • floor level
  • base price
  • sale value
  • total rate
  • one covered parking space
  • applicable GST for the specified apartments

The project sticks to a straightforward pricing policy to ensure buyers will not face any unexpected fees. The best pricing structure makes it simple for all buyers to buy their dream home at a great deal, worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any additional costs at Provident Botanico?

There will be added charges for maintenance, parking, and the numerous facilities the project offers.

2. What are the payment plans usually possessed by the builder?

The builder possesses various payment plans, which include a construction-linked plan, a down payment plan, and A pay-some amount and nothing till possession. The builder will discuss all payment-related matters with the bank and then only decide.

3. Has the price of Provident Botanico apartments been announced?

Pricing will be determined based on the current market rate. After the project is launched, the price will be announced.

4. Will the pre-launch price and the launch price of the project be the same?

No, the pre-launch phase will have many discounts and a competitive price compared to the launch phase. After the launch phase, the prices of the apartment units will increase, and they won’t have many discounts and offers. Investing in the pre-launch stage is an ideal option to get maximum profits.

5. Is it worth investing in Provident Botanico?

Provident Botanico is worth living in, and there are high chances of getting good returns from it in the future because the project is in a strategic location of Whitefield and is developed by a reputed builder with the finest quality materials.

Disclaimer: Any content mentioned in this website is for information purpose only and Prices are subject to change without notice. This website is just for the purpose of information only and not to be considered as an official website.

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