Provident Botanico Floor Plan

Provident Botanico offers 6 types of Floor Plans:

  1. 2 BHK 989 Sq.ft Floor Plan
  2. 2 BHK 1059 Sq.ft Floor Plan
  3. 2 BHK 1160 Sq.ft Floor Plan
  4. 2 BHK 1261 Sq.ft Floor Plan
  5. 3 BHK 1334 Sq.ft Floor Plan
  6. 3 BHK 1480 Sq.ft Floor Plan

This project spans 17 acres and features eco-friendly living with 1275 premier flats. The flats are housed in 9 high rise towers, each with 18 to 24 stories.

The floor plans of an apartment project refer to the unit plan of the apartment that indicates the position and size of individual rooms in the unit. It provides information on the apartment’s carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area.

Every aspect of the Provident Botanico floor plan has been exquisitely crafted to provide an optimal living experience. From commodious and well-designed interiors to basic amenities and recreational spaces, the blueprint promises to embody convenience, comfort, and luxury. Future residents can look ahead to living in a thoughtfully prepared community that promotes a sense of belonging, relaxation, and well-being.

Provident Botanico, developed by Provident Group, features luxury apartments with a broad range of floor plans equipped with space-optimised designs. The project is designed with a touch of sophistication; the floor plan encompasses carefully thought-out sizes for each apartment, ensuring sophistication and luxury living and providing comfort to the residents.

Provident Botanico Apartment Floor Plan

Provident Botanico Floor Plan shows the size of all units in the project so that users can select any units they prefer. The project has units of varying sizes to meet the needs of different users. It meets different budget needs as it has units in many sizes. All the units will have quality construction using the best materials.

The project offers a wide array of 2 and 3 BHK apartments, each thoughtfully designed to cater to potential homeowners’ diverse needs and preferences. These apartments align with the expectations and desires of today’s homebuyers, as they have been meticulously laid out to provide comfortable and modern living spaces that suit contemporary lifestyles.

2 BHK floor plan of Provident Botanico apartments

Provident Botanico 2 BHK Floor Plan

The commodious 2 BHK apartment floor plan in Provident Botanico is a carefully crafted design that caters to the requirements of smaller families or individuals desiring a comfortable and compact living space, making it a perfect choice for nuclear families with 1 or 2 kids, realising that a little larger space is desirable when children are part of the equation. The thoughtful design confirms that every area is efficiently utilised to guarantee residents have a functional and cosy home.

The floor plans for 2 BHK apartments:

  • Type -A: 2 BHK - 961 sq. ft.
  • Type-B: 2 BHK - 1231 sq. ft.

The 2 BHK floor plan presents a thoughtfully designed layout featuring

  • One foyer
  • Two bedrooms
  • Two washrooms
  • One kitchen with a utility area
  • a balcony

3 BHK floor plan of Provident Botanico apartments

Provident Botanico 3 BHK Floor Plan

The ultra-luxurious and spacious 3 BHK apartments in Provident Botanico are absolutely suited for larger families, specifically when elders are part of the family. The extra room delivers the flexibility and convenience required to accommodate the demands of growing families.

The floor plans for 3 BHK apartments:

  • Type-C: 3 BHK - 1381 sq. ft.
  • Type-D: 3 BHK - 1481 sq. ft.

The 3 BHK floor plan boasts a well-designed layout featuring

  • One foyer
  • Three bedrooms
  • Three bathrooms
  • One kitchen with a utility area
  • a balcony

At Provident Botanico Floor Plan, every apartment is developed with meticulous attention to security and aesthetics, ensuring that all electrical wires are covered and securely enclosed. High- quality electrical cables are used, and residents can enjoy the comfort of ample electrical plug points strategically positioned in living rooms and bedrooms.

The flooring is embellished with top-grade vitrified or granite tiles, upgrading the living experience to opulence and luxury. The project prioritises utilising the finest materials and developing a home that exudes an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

Provident Botanico Floor Plan is a testament to the extravagant lifestyle that awaits its inhabitants, regardless of whether they choose a smaller or larger configuration. Tranquillity and positive vibes fill the air, allowing residents to appreciate every moment in their dream homes.

Although floor plan alterations are not allowed before registration, Provident Housing secures optimal spacing that caters to families’ and individuals’ diverse needs and requirements. Embodying superiority in real estate development across India, the builder has redefined living standards through iconic landmark creations and pioneering developments. The legacy persists with Provident Botanico, where luxury converges with tranquillity, offering an unparalleled living experience amidst the opulent environs of Bangalore.

Thanks to the company’s commitment to excellence, residents can anticipate nothing less than a lifestyle surpassing expectations. With its reputation for developing the best homes, the builder desires to provide residents with an eloquent living experience that surpasses their dreams and aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of a floor plan?

A floor plan is a top-down view diagram of a property or a home. Its primary purpose is to showcase the design of the property or the home. It incorporates details concerning the structure and design, such as walls, windows, doors, stairs, fixed kitchen appliances, and bathroom fittings.

2. Does the project provide model apartments with different floor plans?

Yes, the model apartments will be available after the launch. Provident Botanico is still an upcoming pre-launch apartment development.

3. How much are the floor raise charges?

When the builder launches the project, he will decide on the height of the floors. The builder will always provide apartments at a reasonable cost, so the floor raise charges will be comparatively lesser than other builders.

4. What are the specifications of 3BHK in Provident Botanico?

Provident Botanico's 3 BHK floor plan will comprise one foyer, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, one kitchen with attached utility and two balconies.

5. Will the project have good privacy for every family?

The project has units that are designed to give each family better privacy. It has smartly designed apartment units with good ventilation so that natural light enters each unit.

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