Provident Botanico Bangalore

Provident Botanico Bangalore

Bangalore is the most sought-after place for all age groups because of its enormous potential. Right from climate to technological development, every facility is at par. This great city is firstly known for its climatic conditions. It's a soothing climate all over the year. Bangalore City is an escape zone for people fighting against heat temperatures across many cities in the country. The city also entices people with majestic trees and lush bushes. Many factors influence people to make their housing in Bangalore.

Provident Botanico Bangalore is a lavish apartment complex on Soukya Road in the eastern zone. Luxurious 1275 apartments featuring perfect 2 and 3 BHK residences are available. The apartments in this forthcoming project have floor space ranging from 986 to 1494 square feet. Nine towering skyscrapers with G + 18 stories each are present. Provident Botanico in Bangalore will provide all the comforts and convenience to the residents.


Bangalore’s blissful weather offers us a pleasant climate throughout the year; thus, we shall be stress-free of the beating heat like other cities. The climatic condition favours our work routine, farming and peaceful living.

Cosmopolitan Character

Bangalore's population diversity reflects the city's cosmopolitan nature. The city is a linguistic, cultural, and traditional melting pot. Bangalore's socio-economic diversity is on full display, from the thriving marketplaces of Chickpet to the posh boutiques on Brigade Road. The city's progressive and inclusive culture is symbolized by the effortless integration of traditional South Indian saris with the newest international fashion trends.

Culinary Delight

The city’s distinguished culinary scene is yet another attraction. From local delicacies to international cuisines, we get authentic and quality food.

Tech City

As we all know, the city stands out for its exceptional tech companies and startups across the nooks and corners of Bangalore. We can expect a job with a competitive salary in this city compared to other Cosmo cities.

Real Estate Prominence

For all its exponential development and growth, the city sparkles in the real estate industry with rich and sustainable homes.

Provident Botanico Bangalore

Provident Botanico in Bangalore is strategically placed in the eastern zone of the city. Considerable people refer to Bangalore as the Air-Conditioned City and the Garden City, but many refer to the city as the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is the IT capital and IT backbone of India. Bangalore's employment is what diverges it as an IT hub. It is one of the world's top ten most promising locations to begin an enterprise. Its 83-billion-dollar GDP counts a lot to the development of the country. It rates fourth among India's top 20 cities in national GDP.

Bangalore is India's IT capital and one of its employment capitals. IT firms employed over 200,000 individuals between 2004 and 2005. Since there's a massive increase in the IT industry, IT parks have been built in Bangalore.

Advantages of residing in Bangalore

  • Sustained job growth: The IT sector is a premium promoter for the state's economy. The uptrend in IT careers with good salary scales has improved the number of potential buyers.
  • Return on investment: Investing in property in Bangalore will assure a good return on investment regarding resale value. In terms of rentable possessions, owning real estate in Bangalore will provide a high rentable income for the owner.
  • Higher pay scale: The city will provide a better pay scale to working professionals, which is the main attraction for people migrating to Bangalore.
  • Physical infrastructure: The City boasts the best-developed infrastructure with well- developed roads and several flyovers. More developmental projects are underway, further boosting the real estate desirability of Bangalore.
  • Quality of life: Reputable builders provide homes that are par excellence in grade and lifestyle. Homes are now developed to strike a flawless harmony between resort-like living while being easily attainable to reputed schools, hospitals, office spaces, and much more.

Bangalore is a rapidly growing city. Tremendous development in employment opportunities, urbanization, social life, education, and hospital facilities make it an appealing destination for investors and home buyers.

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